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We try to work and do the best for you

People call our firm because they are alarmed at owing thousands of dollars from filing back taxes,penalties and interest. A client might have suffered wage garnishments and tax levies. A client is worried about the notices and calls. We try to help to eliminate this when the clients experience crushing divorces, sickness, and job troubles. We know the details of how the system works and will help. Please contact us for free. We do not know if you will use our services, but if you do, our firm can help with filing the necessary paperwork to get the income tax agencies to leave you alone.

We do not get a retainer fee. We do have a refund policy, references, offer face to face meetings, and 25 years professional experience and do not do it over the phone. People in television or radio ads will oftentimes take your money and you never hear from, or see them again. Our firm will meet face to face. Never give the client a service not needed. You might not qualify for an offer and compromise. We will tell you the truth.

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