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IRS Lien & Levy Assistance

IRS Lien & Levy Assistance Information

Liens all thou not frequent are used to attach themselves on the property of a taxpayer who has not paid on his taxes. Liens can affect you in the present and future. It effects your credit and what you can buy. Liens can come without a person knowing about it.The IRS will send out letters. You need to act fast. You can appeal it but it is not easy. The release of liens happens when paid in full,payment guarantee by bond, and the period of collection time has ended.
Levy is a seizure of personal assets. A levy can be used on bank accounts, wages, and business accounts like Account Receivable, retirement accounts, and stock accounts. The most extreme is when they take you car, houses and boats. A levy will remain till the debt is paid off, statues of limitation expires, or something else is done.

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